Heather has been the creative street’s coordinator extraordinaire for 5 years now and she absolutely loves how everyone gets out on the street to have fun together.

The team works together and shares tasks that suit people’s ability and skills. Last year a girl in the street designed the poster and she also decorated the voting box for the best decorated mailbox at this year’s competition. Another person contacted local businesses and cafes to ask for vouchers for the prize winners. The posters were printed and went up around the neighbourhood’s lampposts and notice boards.

The older lady living at the house with the most spacious front lawn was initially apprehensive years ago when the people first suggested having a BBQ for the street outside her house.  However, she was quickly won over by the realisation that children would be safer there than on the street, and now she enjoys being at the heart of the event every year.

In the last year the street has seen many new residents arrive and it’s great to welcome them to the neighborhood with a Neighbours Aotearoa event. They can join the Facebook page that tells you when someone has fruit to share or if there are lost & found items to be collected at a neighbour’s home.

Heather is happy to live in a street where everyone is supportive and involved. She recalls that she was quite new to the neighbourhood and through her involvement with Neighbours Aotearoa events has got to know most residents in her street.

“Since I have helped coordinate Neighbours Aotearoa events, I see someone I know every time that I leave my house. I want that for everyone!” - Heather